Wednesday, February 23, 2022

 Teams dial pad is missing - 5 items to check!

In my personal experience even you Move users (Move-CsUser) it doesnt mean it will be all activate in the Microsoft Teams backend. It will take time to replicate microservices and sometimes it goes up to 24hrs. 

Following 4 items are important  
- Phone system license attached with the user 
- SfB Online Plan 2 License 
 - Hosting provider change to 
 - CsOnlineVoicePolicy is assigned to the user or calling plan



How to check this using PowerShell, Connect to Teams using PowerShell and 
Get-CsOnlineUser -identity <> | ft *LineUri, HostingProvider, EnterpriseVoiceEnabled

In my personal experience make sure above items are in checked. 

and addition to above items you can check this tool too - Dial pad in missing in Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs 

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

M365 Secure score - Turn on the common attachments filter setting for Anti-malware on EOP

This filter will help us to prevent certain types of files that are risker to send and receive via emails. To make sure these file types don't get through, enable the common attachment filter.  

How to access - then go to Policies & Rules > Threat policies > Anti-Malware

It will have a long list 

You can use the default list of file types or customize it. 
Messages with the specified attachments types are treated as malware and are automatically quarantined. 

Change notification status to different organization requirement. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

DNS Suffix , Internal DNS zones, External DNS (M365_UCTechiLab#5) - AD and Exchange 2016

DNS Suffix , Internal DNS zones, External DNS (M365_UCTechiLab#5) - AD and Exchange 2016

Access the AD Server and DNS and Create new DNS Zone. 

I would suggest to fix the it/DNS suffix add then you can verify by accessing the ADUC and create user 

For DNS work in the Exchange and also AADConnect to verify UPNSuffix we should have domain in the both side of the ADs. AAD will have the automatically when we verify part of the tenant verification by adding a CNAME in public domain where you have domain records. Addition to that if you dont have this in AD DNS (On-Prem) then you will required to add. 

Follow the steps and it will be straight forward in new environment and if you already using this domain in your exchange then this wont be a problem or not required to create. 

Go to Active Directory Server (AD) > AD Domains and Trusts 


Right click on top Active Directory Domains and Trust > UPN Suffixes and Add the UPN you required 

Once you save above settings. When you try to create users you able to see that. 

for DNS zone we will be creating new zone under this name 

next step


Add the domain you which you created in the DNS Suffix

Do not allow dynamic updates 


Adding Exchange A records on all new zones 

Friday, January 21, 2022

Cannot assign phone number to licensed user - Microsoft Teams Calling 

Currently i'm doing some testing related to Microsoft Teams calling, It seems to me like Teams Admin center replication with M365 backend. According to my experience sometimes it can be quick, or replication can go up to long hours. 

Refer this - number-for-a-user 

but sometimes we get lucky using PowerShell.  PS faster than GUI /Admin  center since it is talking to M365 fabric directly.

Try using PowerShell  (Connect to Microsoft Teams first)

#Connect to Microsoft Teams

$credential = Get-Credential

Connect-MicrosoftTeams -Credential $credential

 Once it prompt, use your Teams Admin login and password

 Once you connected following command will help you to assign using PowerShell

Set-CsOnlineVoiceUser -Identity -TelephoneNumber +136567xxxx -Verbose 

at the moment i'm still getting error to assign the number. Its only 1 hr gone from the time i added the license and Phone number and Location

Similar article found - Can not assign phone number to licensed user - Microsoft Tech Community
When i was checking Teams Admin Center ( then i found calling policy not assigned and Emergency address was "null". Once i done with those variables, i able to assign a number by selecting user

Assign phone number 

 it was showing dial pad in the Teams client and manage to dial calls

            Assign Emergency address  

It was pretty easy for customers who have small and medium size, less complex environment to have hosted/cloud telephone service from Microsoft PhoneSystem using Microsoft Calling plans. #CallingPlans #MicrosoftPhoneSystem 


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 Teams dial pad is missing - 5 items to check! In my personal experience even you Move users ( Move-CsUser)  it doesnt mean it will be all a...