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Teams Calling | Number porting diary - Day 2

Find the LOAs for Teams Calling migration

Following URL will be the listed every LOA and LOA format will be different from each market/country and also requirement will be different from telco to telco.

 Phone number management for Canada - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

This article will have all the LOA for Subscriber Numbers (DID), Service Numbers (AA, CQ) and Toll-free. 
When you submit a LOA it will be important to filled it correctly and include correct information to reduce number rejections from the telco. In this case it will be Microsoft TN support team (PTN) team (which mention in my previous article). 
- BTN (Billing Telephone Number) mentioned in the ER (Equipment Record) or  CSR (Customer Service Record). 
- Account Number can be found on the bill or ER/CSR
- Signatory Name of the person of the organization and this can be change when person is left organization via direct email from the client to respective telco. 
- Service Address mentioned correctly (it can be multiple service address)
- Company Name without a mistake not even a dot :)  

I got many LOA rejected for very simple things but it is not simple because its purely security purpose they validate those.

ER - Term mostly used by Canada telecom providers/ISP

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