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Teams Calling | Number porting diary - Day 3

Port-out from Microsoft   Interesting requirement came today for me which is port-out from Microsoft. Most common request which we get everyday port-in request, but this requirement which they have fully went on cloud (Teams born) environment both of them look for moving some numbers to local telco with Direct Routing SBC at premises. My customer is trying to achieve on-prem PBX integration and also some numbers are plan to use for elevators and guards with analog devices. Basically on this process, customer need a Microsoft 365 port out PIN to be created.   How to set up your PIN:    1.Sign into Office 365 with your work or school account     2.Go to the Office 365 admin center > Admin centers > Teams Admin Center    3.In the left navigation, choose Voice > Actions (on right top) > Manage Porting  PIN          4.Click Set up and manage the PIN that is used for transferring or porting numbers to another service carrier    5.In the Set or change your port out PIN panel, ente