Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Multi-Geo Capabilities in Exchange Online

Multi-Geo capability available for OneDrive and Exchange Online. This will be more important news for global customers who is having office in different locations across the world including APAC :) . We talk about many parameters related to network performance but if latency to mailbox or our data is high every feature will performing bad. We + many people raise this to product team on many discussion and now its available. 

Still there will be one billing location or address and tenant location where the default location and rest of the location will be satellite. This allow you following, 

- to create new Exchange online mailbox directly in satellite
- Move existing mailbox to satellite
- Onboard a mailbox from an on-Prem to satellite 

currently feature will be available at US, UK, Asia Pacific, Korea, Japan, France, European Union, Canada, Australia & India*

Process > Microsoft needs to configure your tenant for Multi-Geo #multi-geo support and this one time configuration process take less than 30 days. Once it done will be notify on your office 365 #office365 message center and for management can see report on Multi-Geo #office365reporting

There will be attribute name call PreferredDataLocation from AzureAD and Exchange online synchronize it into the MailboxRegion property in the exchange online directory service. This include mailbox and archive both together but it is not possible to configure to keep mailbox and archive in separate location and user object also moved to specific location.  

European Union
United States

<How to find default location for EXO>  
Get-OrganizationConfig | Select -ExpandProperty AllowedMailboxRegions | Format-Table

<Shows allow region>
Get-OrganizationConfig | Select -ExpandProperty AllowedMailboxRegions | Format-Table

<User mailbox with mailbox region attribute>
Get-Mailbox -Identity madushka@pfebplabs.onmicrosoft.com | Format-List Database, MailboxRegion*

<Find PreferredDataLocation value for the user> 
Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName madushka | Format-List UserPrincipalName,PreferredDataLocation

Take a look for Video & aka.ms/Multi-Geo


*Currently available only with billing address in india 

Friday, May 18, 2018

This Web browser or operating system might not be compatible with Microsoft Silverlight

Crazy error getting from Silver Light while your trying to open newly installed skype for business 2015 on top of Windows Server 2016.

Since i installed Silverlight already i was checking control panel the version what i installed its latest and which you can confirm by going to this URL - https://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/locale/en-us/html/Microsoft%20Silverlight%20Release%20History.htm 


According to above web and control panel it says same version but my setup cant access the configuration wizard getting following error.

to fix nothing do just that add this URL (https://<pool01FQDN>/cscp to trusted sites and refresh the page then this will go.

Note: This error will mislead to check on other browser version and etc and you might check supported version for WinSvr 2016. No required those.

Hope this will save your time.

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