Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Teams Auto Attendant (AA) configure with External number dialing


I had a scenario where porting is completing and customer end devices are not ready/late delivery to the location. Had many user numbers and many reception numbers, which i didn't port everything but partial porting and this is one of the number +1 365 xxx 421 and since it is "ServiceNumber" from Local telco. 

Due to the device not availability delay i have to look for an option asap.

Option #1 - Convert this number to user number and add forwarder to reception number. it can be Teams client or may be number forwarded.

Option #2 - Do the option#1 part of it and forward immediate Voicemail but for how many days? This wont be an option :D 

Option #3 - Create new Auto Attendant immediately and Add the greeting (just like other reception number) so no one feel a difference or changes. Then all the call forwarded to existing to reception number: +1 365 xxx 6226 (Not migrated reception/main line)

Best option will be Option #3 and i have created AA and added a greeting and in the call routing options I select to External phone number which will ring the existing reception number. 


Unfortunately it was not working and i was checking the license etc for AA is all good. i had a Microsoft Phone System standard - Virtual User license for AA. 

           Fixed: It was for External call to be forwarded as redirect option from Auto Attendant it required Calling plan to be assigned but getting an error due to conflict of some license. 

i assumed this was due to bundle license option and it had some license was conflicting. what i did was following and kept only domestic calling plan and assign to Auto Attendant addition Microsoft PhoneSystem standard - Virtual User license and everything works well. Try this and enjoy! 


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