Monday, November 30, 2020

Why not skype for business 2019

Just give it a try :) i started a VM and done with AD and CA in the same test server (not recommended) just to see how it look like and the changes. 

OS - Windows Server 2019 (Nov 2020 update) and trying to install the SfB2019 of course the prerequisites functional support is windows server 2016. 

On my VM mount the SfB2019 ISO and run it. 

Then push with Add-features couple of things are failing and need to go ahead with manual check and understand that .net framework 3.5 needed for topology to start with but it is failing part of the process. 

and i try to install the the topology on windows 10 latest update i manage to do that just to open the topology and take a look. 


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

What's New in Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Ignite 2020 event

Announcement for meeting new together mode  -

Microsoft announced new together mode scenes coming this calendar year and this is super exiting news for lots of customer who enjoying the features 

and another nice function announced was participants will be able to see the presenter's video feed transposed onto the foreground of the slide

few more like breakoutrooms

Meeting recap

calling plans availability for new list of countries such as Austria, Denmark, Itay, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland 

Collab area such as templates, Conversation button in channels, search experience 

Limitations increased to 5000 to 25000 member per Team was one of important factor for large environments

Monday, August 24, 2020

New C470HD Native Microsoft Teams IP phone released

Amazing news and everyone waiting for new devices for Teams, 13th Aug AudioCodes released a new native phone which is C470HD. It is having 5.5" color touch screen which we love to have and just like smart mobile with USB headset,bluetooth,PoE, GbE support. 

HD Voice quality with native teams client i think we dont have think twice about the device. and pretty thin display too. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Microsoft Teams free for six months to support public health and safety

Amazing news came along with corona break which is Microsoft Teams free for 6 months. With the world situation most of the people have to work from home to safe and take care there loved once and also working from anywhere make people life balance due to many other variables such is traffic, weather which more practical things today.

Current situation in the world, what's important to the organizations today is people be safe and contribute to the business to maintain or manage as usual. Some organizations may need help adoption to the Microsoft Teams. Happy to help on any query! #teams #Microsoft #coronabreaks #adoption #voice #video #conference #chat #Support #supportincrisis #crisis

Having said that i saw google also giving similar kind of an offer and it is all about how easy to handle and experience to end users. Addition to that when all the people start working from home it will be added load to internet pipe than normal if we think country perspective some things related to connectivity might be needed in very near future. Microsoft Teams, Google, other competitor products also have online offering and data centers not in country which is hosted most out of country compare to end user location. Enjoy! 

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Microsoft’s new Office app arrives on iOS and Android 

Interesting features with new office app available to download from your #playstore and #applestore. Mobile friendly parts of word, powerpoint, excel you can use on the go. and all you can connect your sharepoint online, OneDrive and also 3rd party apps like dropbox and google drive, box including icloud.
Cc -  

Try today !

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Multi-Geo Capabilities in Exchange Online

Multi-Geo capability available for OneDrive and Exchange Online. This will be more important news for global customers who is having office in different locations across the world including APAC :) . We talk about many parameters related to network performance but if latency to mailbox or our data is high every feature will performing bad. We + many people raise this to product team on many discussion and now its available. 

Still there will be one billing location or address and tenant location where the default location and rest of the location will be satellite. This allow you following, 

- to create new Exchange online mailbox directly in satellite
- Move existing mailbox to satellite
- Onboard a mailbox from an on-Prem to satellite 

currently feature will be available at US, UK, Asia Pacific, Korea, Japan, France, European Union, Canada, Australia & India*

Process > Microsoft needs to configure your tenant for Multi-Geo #multi-geo support and this one time configuration process take less than 30 days. Once it done will be notify on your office 365 #office365 message center and for management can see report on Multi-Geo #office365reporting

There will be attribute name call PreferredDataLocation from AzureAD and Exchange online synchronize it into the MailboxRegion property in the exchange online directory service. This include mailbox and archive both together but it is not possible to configure to keep mailbox and archive in separate location and user object also moved to specific location.  

European Union
United States

<How to find default location for EXO>  
Get-OrganizationConfig | Select -ExpandProperty AllowedMailboxRegions | Format-Table

<Shows allow region>
Get-OrganizationConfig | Select -ExpandProperty AllowedMailboxRegions | Format-Table

<User mailbox with mailbox region attribute>
Get-Mailbox -Identity | Format-List Database, MailboxRegion*

<Find PreferredDataLocation value for the user> 
Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName madushka | Format-List UserPrincipalName,PreferredDataLocation

Take a look for Video &


*Currently available only with billing address in india 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

This Web browser or operating system might not be compatible with Microsoft Silverlight

Crazy error getting from Silver Light while your trying to open newly installed skype for business 2015 on top of Windows Server 2016.

Since i installed Silverlight already i was checking control panel the version what i installed its latest and which you can confirm by going to this URL - 


According to above web and control panel it says same version but my setup cant access the configuration wizard getting following error.

to fix nothing do just that add this URL (https://<pool01FQDN>/cscp to trusted sites and refresh the page then this will go.

Note: This error will mislead to check on other browser version and etc and you might check supported version for WinSvr 2016. No required those.

Hope this will save your time.

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