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DNS Suffix , Internal DNS zones, External DNS (M365_UCTechiLab#5) - AD and Exchange 2016

DNS Suffix , Internal DNS zones, External DNS (M365_UCTechiLab#5) - AD and Exchange 2016

Access the AD Server and DNS and Create new DNS Zone. 

I would suggest to fix the it/DNS suffix add then you can verify by accessing the ADUC and create user 

For DNS work in the Exchange and also AADConnect to verify UPNSuffix we should have domain in the both side of the ADs. AAD will have the automatically when we verify part of the tenant verification by adding a CNAME in public domain where you have domain records. Addition to that if you dont have this in AD DNS (On-Prem) then you will required to add. 

Follow the steps and it will be straight forward in new environment and if you already using this domain in your exchange then this wont be a problem or not required to create. 

Go to Active Directory Server (AD) > AD Domains and Trusts 


Right click on top Active Directory Domains and Trust > UPN Suffixes and Add the UPN you required 

Once you save above settings. When you try to create users you able to see that. 

for DNS zone we will be creating new zone under this name 

next step


Add the domain you which you created in the DNS Suffix

Do not allow dynamic updates 


Adding Exchange A records on all new zones 

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