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Salesforce app for Outlook

Good news came on last week that is Salesforce released for Office 2013, Introduced Apps for Office to let our partners add capabilities to Office to extend it and integrate it with the services our users use every day to help them be even more productive in Office. The new Salesforce App for Outlook was announced to give users a great new way to work with Salesforce right from within Outlook. This lets users view Salesforce contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities in the context of an email from a customer. Salesforce for Outlook works with Outlook 2013, Office 365, Outlook for Mac and the Outlook Web App (OWA). Enjoy !!!

Office Mix with 5 Sec

Hey, Are you familiar with Office Mix Spend 5 Sec to download it       Download and Install it on your computer  Check this video  Enjoy!!!

Office 365 Partner admin mobile app now available

It's a good news for everyone, If you're Office 365 Partner managing customer office 365 tenant, you have to log into portal and need to check the services status / Health and ability to manage Service request using this. This story become nice with this rather releasing windows phone app to the store they released Android and iOS App. i suppose this is because of market share. i think it's a fair decision from Microsoft its self .  For Android (4.1 and up to) -  Android App For Apple App (7 and up to) -  Apple App Enjoy !!! Madushka 

Office for Android Tablets | Get Office for Android tablet – 90 seconds

Office for Android tablet Preview Did you check out Office App for Android yet ? please check this video and go head with your tablet Note:Only support version will be Kitkat or Lollipop

Office 365 improvements

Office 365 - Office Online added many additional functions to improve the experience     Office Online - Reading exper ience  | Now you have more option for Saving and Manage files | You can now print PDF files directly from word online | You can add files your OneDrive right from the Toolbar | Proof Reading Tools  Office Online - Reading Experience  You can add files your OneDrive Office Online word count