Monday, September 11, 2023

Microsoft Teams meetings - End Meeting for All Participants

Lot of customers looking way to end the meeting for all,  when presenter is done with the meeting.

first of for this function to work correctly, it required correctly organize the meeting. 

Step #1 add the co-organizer is a must.

Step #2 More option in the Teams meeting

Step #3 Chose co-organizer(s) 

Once meeting options has been added and done, as Co-organizer you will be able to have following option in addition to LEAVE the meeting.  

This feature will help you to have after meeting ends participant use for gossip using same meeting or avoid unwanted chat usage. 


Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Teams dial pad missing due to Microsoft backend replication (The issue is due to RegistrarPool being Null after migrating users to Teams)

I had very interesting experience recently related to user migration from Skype for business to Teams direct routing. 

Most common issue is to missing dial pad would be following, 

- Teams license assigned or assigned license change not replicate on time or delay.
   License was PhoneSystem since this was Direct Routing work. 

- is enable for Enterprise voice

- Whether the user assigned a VoiceRoutingPolicy

Whether the user assigned a TeamsCallingPolicy

Addition to this i checked following, 

-Homed location/HostingProvider of the users and whether user has been       migrated successful or not. 

Get-CsOnline -Identity | fl DisplayName, LineUri, EnterpriseVoice*, HostingProvider

This where the interesting part came in found a difference in another attribute which never had seen before. 

Get-CsOnline -Identity | fl DisplayName, LineUri, EnterpriseVoice*, HostingProvider, RegistrarPool


Issue was due to RegistrarPool being Null after migrating users to Teams.

Only option is to Microsoft support since its SaaS product. So, opening a ticket to Microsoft Support will fix the problem and it went to PG folks. Issue was RTCProv is skipping registar pool during that time for unknown reason in Microsoft Teams Phone System.  

Once the replication done in few hours time 

RegistrarPool shouldnt be empty. It should change to Teams: like above screenshot.



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