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Microsoft Teams user administration using Set-CsOnlineVoicemailUserSettings

Now tenant admin can help with user for custom greetings,  DefaultGreetingPromptOverwrite and  DefaultOofGreetingPromptOverwrite many other user settings on behalf of users. This may help to end users when they are away to set up forwarding rules to another colleague or external number etc. Set-CsUserCallingSettings  -Identity ""  -IsForwardingEnabled $True -ForwardingType Immediate -ForwardingTarget -ForwardingTargetType SingleTarget - Verbose Note : You must have PhoneSystem License attached for you to have this forwarding to a another person. Basically both users must have PhoneSystem License.  Forward to external number   when you try this make sure you are using E.164 standard for phone numbers.  Set-CsUserCallingSettings -Identity ""   -IsForwardingEnabled $True -ForwardingType Simultaneous -ForwardingTargetType SingleTarget -ForwardingTarget "+1365888xxx"  - Verbose Note : You must have PhoneSystem L