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Multi-Geo Capabilities in Exchange Online

Multi-Geo capability available for OneDrive and Exchange Online. This will be more important news for global customers who is having office in different locations across the world including APAC :) . We talk about many parameters related to network performance but if latency to mailbox or our data is high every feature will performing bad. We + many people raise this to product team on many discussion and now its available.  Still there will be one billing location or address and tenant location where the default location and rest of the location will be satellite. This allow you following,  - to create new Exchange online mailbox directly in satellite - Move existing mailbox to satellite - Onboard a mailbox from an on-Prem to satellite  currently feature will be available at US, UK, Asia Pacific, Korea, Japan, France, European Union, Canada, Australia & India* Process > Microsoft needs to configure your tenant for Multi-Geo #multi-geo support and this one time c