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Microsoft Teams: Kick start

   As an UC Techi we always check for a new things...So i though of checking about Microsoft Teams since it has completed 1 year birthday. Currently IM/Presence,  Calendar, Calls, Recent conversation even its trying to become an all rounder syncing download folder activities :) (i would say look fancy). and plus OneDrive integration. Its include OneNote and Planner app too. as a start i was imported PowerShell module to my laptop and it very straight forward thing now a days. Note: Remember to open your PowerShell run as administrator if not you will get permission errors. Then i got following message and it because its identify as i downloaded from an untrusted repository   i would have done following, Here's how to use Set-PSRepository to make the PSGallery trusted: Set-PSRepository -Name PSGallery -InstallationPolicy Trusted i think we are done module will take a minitue to download and now we already have it and to test it out you c