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Rollback users from Teams to Lync Server

   Rollback users from Teams to Lync Server  This scenario apply only for individual or bulk moved users to Teams from Lync/SfB environment using Move-CsUser commands.  It's not a common scenario where users move back to Lync from Teams but in a situation you might need it.  Part of the process you may required to find hostedmigrationService related to your tenant.  $url="https://admin 1a" you need to check above highlighted parameter which is related to your account. If you're using Get-TenantInfo.PS1 also one way of find the script and try Once you done with $url defined you can go for next step to move user back to onprem  $cr=Get-Credential Move-CsUser -Identity "" -Target "" -Credential $cr -Verbose Prompt f