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Azure vSBC App Registration for Teams Direct Routing

For virtual SBC to be connected with the M365 Tenant and this will be done via Azure App Registration -  Direct Routing SBA - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs above article shows given the requirement but thought it will be better if someone write about the steps  It has 4 major steps (Not really major :) ) 1.  Register the application 2. Set the implicit grant tokens 3. Set the API permissions  4. Create the client secret However, for above steps even to start you will required the Azure Tenant Permission after you create the vSBC on it.  Following screen you will receive if permission is not available when you try to create an app on Azure AD Permission require: for this question to answer wont be able to find it on above Direct Routing SBA article and it will be mention on this -  Quickstart: Register an app in the Microsoft identity platform - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Docs Once you have above permission/one of the permission  Cloud Application/Application administrator or Develo