Friday, January 21, 2022

Cannot assign phone number to licensed user - Microsoft Teams Calling 

Currently i'm doing some testing related to Microsoft Teams calling, It seems to me like Teams Admin center replication with M365 backend. According to my experience sometimes it can be quick, or replication can go up to long hours. 

Refer this - number-for-a-user 

but sometimes we get lucky using PowerShell.  PS faster than GUI /Admin  center since it is talking to M365 fabric directly.

Try using PowerShell  (Connect to Microsoft Teams first)

#Connect to Microsoft Teams

$credential = Get-Credential

Connect-MicrosoftTeams -Credential $credential

 Once it prompt, use your Teams Admin login and password

 Once you connected following command will help you to assign using PowerShell

Set-CsOnlineVoiceUser -Identity -TelephoneNumber +136567xxxx -Verbose 

at the moment i'm still getting error to assign the number. Its only 1 hr gone from the time i added the license and Phone number and Location

Similar article found - Can not assign phone number to licensed user - Microsoft Tech Community
When i was checking Teams Admin Center ( then i found calling policy not assigned and Emergency address was "null". Once i done with those variables, i able to assign a number by selecting user

Assign phone number 

 it was showing dial pad in the Teams client and manage to dial calls

            Assign Emergency address  

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