Monday, July 19, 2021

Rollback users from Teams to Lync Server


 Rollback users from Teams to Lync Server 

This scenario apply only for individual or bulk moved users to Teams from Lync/SfB environment using Move-CsUser commands. 

It's not a common scenario where users move back to Lync from Teams but in a situation you might need it. 
Part of the process you may required to find hostedmigrationService related to your tenant. 


you need to check above highlighted parameter which is related to your account. If you're using Get-TenantInfo.PS1 also one way of find the script and try 

Once you done with $url defined you can go for next step to move user back to onprem 


Move-CsUser -Identity "" -Target "" -Credential $cr -Verbose

Prompt for $cr=credential make sure enter Teams administrator 

Once you move the user successfully can verify using following parameter 

HostingProvider should change it to SRV: 

Bulk users 

Save these users in CSV with a header sipaddress (this can be text with csv)

$Userlist = import-csv .\Userslist.csv
    ForEach ($AllMoveuser in $Userlist)
    Move-CsUser -Identity $AllMoveUser.SipAddress -Target "" -ProxyPool "" -Credential $cr -HostedMigrationOverrideUrl $url -Verbose


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