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Exchange Message Tracking Logs 2010/2013

How to check exchange message Tracking Logs 2010/2013

Its nothing but taking a log to understand how much transaction which worked in Mailbox Server in other words it will be recipients and Senders transitions. How we will get this out?

Run following (PowerShell)


Get-transportserver | get-messagetrackinglog -start "08/10/2016" -end "08/20/2016" -Resultsize Unlimited | export-csv C\:messagetrackinglog.csv 


Get-TransportServer will help you to get connected to all the Transport Server Roles which is in your domain and the result will move to Get-MessageTrackingLog to perform Message Tracking Log for given duration. Not only duration you need define Result size also because if you try Get-MessageTrackingLog it only give 1000 messages.


Note: Define a duration for reduce the time and also size of the data.

Will try different scenarios

 C:\>Get-MessageTrackingLog -Sender user31@pfelabs.local - you need to change the domain try on your lab or Live environment


EventId  Source   Sender                            Recipients                        MessageSubject
-------      ------       ------                                  ----------                            --------------
HAREC... SMTP     User31@pfelabs.local              {User32@pfelabs.local}            Try to track
HADIS... SMTP     User31@pfelabs.local              {User32@pfelabs.local}            Try to track

Send some sample mails up and down and also with gmail account then Try following too and see what it will create

[PS] C:\>Get-MessageTrackingLog -sender "user31@pfelabs.local" -Recipients user34@pfelabs.local | ConvertTo-Html > C:\message.html
[PS] C:\>Get-MessageTrackingLog -sender "user31@pfelabs.local" -Recipients user34@pfelabs.local | ConvertTo-Csv > C:\message.csv
[PS] C:\>Get-MessageTrackingLog -Recipients *
How do i check on GUID/ EAC (Exchange Admin Center)

Go to your EAC using Exchange Admin and try following. it will show default 30 days of messagetrackinglogs.

you will get option to choice from recipient address, received from and subject

Hope this is help :)



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